Recommendations according to the Air Quality Index:

  • 0-50: Air quality is good and there is little or no risk of air pollution.
  • 51-100: Air quality is acceptable, however, people exceptionally sensitive to air pollution should consider limiting excessive physical exertion outdoors. If you belong to one of the vulnerable groups, you should avoid physical exercise or strenuous outdoor activities and try to reduce your time outdoors.
  • 101-150: Children and adults who are physically active and people with respiratory diseases should avoid excessive and prolonged physical exertion outdoors. It is recommended to reduce time spent outdoors if you experience symptoms such as shortness of breath or throat irritation.
  • 152-200: Health effects may be experienced by all, especially sensitive groups who will experience more serious effects. The general population should reduce prolonged exposure and reduce physical exercise or strenuous outdoor activities. Try not to stay for long periods of time in the most polluted areas, such as busy streets, especially at times when pollution is highest.
  • 201-250: Warning, all may experience health effects, especially sensitive groups whose effects will be more serious. Vulnerable groups should avoid all outdoor physical exertion; others, especially children, should limit outdoor physical exertion. In addition, if you are suffering from a respiratory illness and your symptoms worsen or become prolonged, consult your doctor or go to an emergency department.
  • 301-55: Emergency health alert. The entire population is likely to be affected and outdoor physical exertion should be restricted.
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